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Covid 19

99.999% effective

at eliminating viruses and bacteria

Disinfection SERVICE with


HygieUV has launched an affordable and high quality disinfection service for your professional and residential spaces. 

With the hygieUV technology, we will disrupt the DNA of the viruses, microbes and pathogens so that they can't function or reproduce.

Recent health concerns have amplified efforts to reduce transmission of infections. One of the most effective preventive methods is ultraviolet germicidal irridation.

UV light disinfection is a new application for an old technology which has been overlooked for many years.

As early as the 1800's, scientists discovered that long exposure to sunlight prevented microbial growth. Later developments concluded that shorter wavelengths emitted by UVC light not only prevented growth, but are also an extremely effective method of disinfection.

Today not only is UVC a widely accepted disinfection method, but it is also a safer alternative to the highly corrosive chemical practices commonly used.

HygieUV has chosen SANUVOX, a fellow Quebec company and global leader in ultraviolet disinfection as it's medical grade hardware and technology provider. 



The Covid 19 pandemic has  brought infection prevention to the forefront of the battle to stop the spread of viruses. Disinfection, being the most effective method of prevention, has spurred multiple news articles which highlight the efficacity of ultraviolet light to combat coronavirus. 


Our teams use hospital grade equipment from Quebec based worldwide leader in UV decontamination provider.  



UV-C light is a shorter wavelength of light emmited by the sun. Unlike AV-A and UV-B and at a range of 200-280nm, UV-C is effectively blocked by our ozone. For this reason, no living organism on earth has developped defenses against it.


In 1903 the Nobel Prize was awarded scientists for their use of ultraviolet light to combat tuberculosis. However, the initial discovery of potential disinfectant uses for ultraviolet light occured almost 100 years before that. 


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